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Cardio Barre Workout


Cardio Barre WorkoutQuick-paced moves keep your heart rate up in this at-home cardio barre workout. And you'll be surprised how much of your body you can work in 10 minutes!
This cardio barre workout for a dancer's body is a high-energy strength and cardio exercise routine that combines dance-inspired ballet exercises with continual fat burning motion to sculpt lean muscle, strengthen the core, and boost your weight loss potential. This workout guides you through several basic result-driven moves that will activate the core, strengthen the back and challenge the abdominals to promote beautiful posture and improve balance.
Sculpt a lean and sexy dancer's physique and learn to exercise proper form to get the most out of each move as you slim the waistline and target the hips, thighs, abs, legs, arms, shoulders, calves, obliques, back, and butt with this excellent cardio barre workout.
Grab a sturdy chair to use as your barre, and get ready to sculpt your way to a dancer’s body.